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Gary Oldman to become Honored through the Palm Springs Worldwide Film Festival

Gary Oldman is going to be honored using the Worldwide Star Award in the 23rd annual Palm Springs Worldwide Film Festival's Honours Gala on Jan. 7 in the Palm Springs Convention Center."Gary Oldman is really a artist whose capability to portray probably the most extreme of figures is proof of the enormity of his talent," festival chairman Harold Matzner stated. "In 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,' because the embodiment of John le Carr's classic spymaster George Smiley, he combines cunning, pathos and cold determination when he's presented of retirement to ferret out a double agent throughout the Cold War."Oldman, who burst around the worldwide film scene with 1986's "Sid and Nancy," has already established ongoing roles in 2 from the greatest franchises ever, playing Sirius Black within the "Harry Potter" movies and Captain Jim Gordon within the "Dark Dark night" series.The festival itself runs Jan. 5-16. The Hollywood Reporter

Maintaining with this 'Jones' couple

Composer Lewis Flinn looked round the 12 ,. 14 opening-evening party for his Broadway tuner "Lysistrata Johnson" and acknowledged it was -- such as the shindig in the Liberty Theater -- all pretty surreal for any reveal that started its Gotham existence inside a little downtown gym. Still, he noted, they attempted not to go overboard in scaling in the staging for Broadway. "Stars continue to be moving locker models, much for their dismay," he stated. He authored the Greek comedy redux together with his partner, book author Douglas Carter Beane. It isn't the very first project which the 2 have worked with -- they likewise have two kids. That child-raising experience appears to possess prove useful for "Lysistrata Johnson," too. "Both kids and new musicals require lots of persistence," Beane stated. "As well as for each of them, you need to have confidence in them when nobody else will." :- Gordon Cox Contact Variety Staff at

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Nominations reaction: Jonah Hill, actor, "Moneyball"

Jonah Hill in 'Moneyball'"Everything relating to this movie just been a present for me personally. I just read it and understood how you can play this character. It helped me seem like I had been negligence something. Days like today feel happy. Carrying out a drama did not feel different for me personally since it was something I had been trained for. It felt different in other individuals eyes. Honestly, I seem like I am in certain kind of an aspiration. It simply feels so nice to become so happy with something as well as for individuals to celebrate it now."

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Amazing Race's Ernie and Cindy: We Made No Mistakes within the Final

Cindy, Phil Keoghan, Ernie How close was The Astonishing Race 19 finish? Not close whatsoever. Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang were nearly an hour or so in front of Jeremy and Sandy, regardless of the Gps navigation drama that attempted to illustrate the contrary. "There is just a little Gps navigation drama, but we understood that people had a while," Cindy informs "However, you never would like to get lost." The engaged couple plan to use their $a million check to begin a basis to create awareness to childhood weight problems and education. Discover much more about their plans, how else they prepared, and the things they don't remember saying.And also the Amazing Race those who win are...Congratulations! Did you've got a feeling you had been first?Ernie: Thanks! Yeah, we did. ... After we reached the map, it had been pretty obvious i was first because there is a collection-up time for you to jump on the wall ... and there is a collection-up time for you to dismount. There is not a way a team could've done everything when we'd finished the typewriter and went there. ... It was the very first leg where we'd no mistakes. The one thing that most likely required a long was the flight simulator. It had been challenging because to show the plane, you do not make use of the controls you apply the feet pedals. If you can't quite master that, I can tell why Marcus was veering from the runway a lot.Who have you call to discover exactly what the Dump was?Cindy: Well, within the Panama airport terminal, everybody was relaxing in line, and Ernie and that i were really like, "We'll just walk around and obtain some good info.Inch There is a university student who had his laptop out and that he let's lookup the Atlanta tourism board. We authored lower a lot of amounts of hotels and concierges. So the moment we had [the clue], i was like, "It should be something historic."... And there is lots of traffic in Atlanta and [our cabbie] Ben understood the freeways would be closed and was like, "Oh, I understand the rear streets. Don't be concerned!Inch I believe that saved us considerable time because Jeremy and Sandy stated these were relaxing in traffic to have an hour.Are you currently pleased to have damaged the Express Pass curse?Cindy: That is what we hear! Usually Express Pass those who win get third and bad [taxi] luck!Ernie: Yeah, from Panama where we'd Juan after which Ben - we compensated Ben having a large hefty tip because i was so excited. You've spoken about how exactly you overprepared for that Race, taking language courses and stuff. What else have you do?Cindy: [Laughs] We did a myriad of things, from rock-climbing, kayaking, running across the beach with backpacks. Probably the most challenging was this communication exercise to make certain we're able to understand one another. Ernie and that i sitting consecutive, and that i had instructions for any Lego set and that he had the Lego pieces. I needed to describe to him how to construct a truck. Ernie: We'd the television blaring and music blaring [as] distractions. Which was demanding!A minimum of you'd a Lego task around the Race.Cindy: I understand! Which was so funny! I was like, "Legoland?! It's surprising we prepared with Legos!"Amazing Race's Andy and Tommy: We reliable our taxi driver too muchYou stated you'd happen to be OK losing to Andy and Tommy, but you are this type of perfectionist, can you genuinely have been fine by using it?Cindy: Yeah. Andy and Tommy are such great people and they're extreme rivals. We actually reached know them and everybody else around the Race, too. I believe i was relieved that Andy and Tommy were not within the final three because we really were built with a fighting chance!That which was it like once they passed you for to begin with in Malawi?Ernie: Which was heartbreaking. It appears like i was upset, which i was - right now. It had been a 2-mile run. I'd both backpacks and Cindy experienced a bicycle accident earlier on that day. You saw later within the bikini challenge that they had bruises on her behalf legs. She gave it her all. In the finish during the day, Andy and Tommy are extremely sports and it is pretty unequalled Olympians!Would you regret not U-Turning them either time?Cindy: No, we do not be sorry whatsoever. We did not wish to have to make use of the U-Turn. However when we've got to Copenhagen, i was so beat lower psychologically that people made the decision to make use of it.Ernie: We needed a pick-me-up. We understood whomever was directly behind us was setting it up. It did not matter whether it was Bill and Cathi, Andy or Tommy or anybody. We actually needed a moral victory. Whenever we got passed in Malawi, it had been like our souls were grabbed from us!Some fans have found your comment evaluating Jeremy and Sandy, and Marcus and Amani to C students off-putting. Would you like to elaborate on that?Ernie: That which was the precise comment? I was hanging out a tad too hard last evening. [Laughs]You stated should you lost for them, it would have been like losing to C students because everyone really are a+ students.Cindy: We stated that?! My dear God! How awful! That's so terrible. It's surprising we stated that!You've got no recollection of this? Ernie, additionally you stated it would have been like losing for your brother.Ernie: [Laughs] My dear God! Oh, guy. We do not keep in mind that. I am talking about, it isn't intended to be negative by any means. It had been exactly that it appeared like Jeremy and Sandy were squeaking by in some places. They won the Panama leg, that was awesome on their behalf, and Marcus and Amani were the comeback kids. It was like, being in front of the pack, you'd feel virtually ashamed should you lost to a person who came completely in the back and beat you.Cindy, you've stated your folks are extremely strict. Would they happen to be disappointed should you did not win?Cindy: [Laughs] I believe so! I was all watching together and my father stated, "Yeah, Used to do [require that you win]." Which was the very first factor [my mother] stated too. ... Every Monday, I'd have an e-mail from my parents or my buddy saying, "Why have you do that wrong?" And I am much like, "Are you able to you need to be excited that we are still on the program?InchErnie: They expect a lot it's really demanding on Cindy. Many people don't understand how her very own family - I am not talking about all Asian families - is extremely competitive.Amazing Race's Bill and Cathi: I was too careful around the roadDid they poker fun at you to get trapped beneath the mattress?Ernie: What did not they poker fun at us about? [Laughs]Cindy: Yeah. Which was funny. Bill and Cathi had just pranced right past us and managed to get look very easy. I had been like, "Ernie, I have reached put this mattress on the top. They are running." As soon as he put that mattress on my small mind, I had been like, "Not a chance, no way!InchDo you know us much more about your business you are developing?Cindy: We've not locked on the title yet. We have been backwards and forwards on the couple, and one of these that people love may be the title of the book. ... We are still along the way of having the documents going, but we are wishing to make use of this organization to create awareness to and also to fight childhood weight problems through education, fitness and diet programs. The proceeds visits sponsoring children's education in developing marketplaces. Something which People in america ignore is free of charge education. I designed a comment in Malawi - "Why aren't each one of these kids in class?Inch - and that we returned and investigated and recognized that in Malawi, they'd just made school public, and there is this complete increase of scholars likely to school the schools could not handle. Therefore the dropout rate was really greater than the amount of students likely to school.Ernie: Our goal around the Race ended up being to begin a business together and this will be our way you want to hand back. ... We'd certainly persuade folks arrive at our website,, where we are likely to set up everything concerning the organization.How's the marriage planning going?Cindy: We are marriage on March 10 in Chicago.Are you currently a bridezilla?Ernie: [Laughs] Do you consider she'd be considered a bridezilla?You are just a little Type A, so yeah.Cindy: [Laughs] Yeah, I believe many people expect me to become a bridezilla. I'm not sure things i am.Ernie: She's much more of an excellent logistics coordinator.Cindy: We really hired a marriage coordinator to assist using the logistics since it is just a little much for me personally on the full-time job. I attempt to avoid the particulars and allow her to do her factor.Ernie: Because the show continues to be on, it has been type of around the back burners. I am really no longer working at this time. I had been placed on furlough beginning now, so I am likely to be dealing with the reins of wedding arranging a short while until Cindy will get in the chair.

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Nina Tassler Reveals About Firing a Equine, a Restarted 'Two . 5 Men' and What's Next for CBS

Join the conversation below and share the questions you have and comments concerning the honours race -- along with the Hollywood Reporter's coverage from it -- directly with Scott. &ampampampamplta href=&ampampquothttp://world wide _cke_saved_href=&ampampquothttp://world wide &ampampampampgt&ampampquotThe Race&ampampquot Live Talk to Scott Feinberg&ampampampamplt/a&ampampampampgt

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Attacking Youthful Boys Shows You Ways To Dougie 'After Hours'

FROM MTV MOVIES: Hey girl (or guy), it's the moment you've been waiting all climates and seasons forthe better of "After Several hours" this season! It's been a banner year for your bizarre quantity of celebrity interviews, from Elijah Wood's murderous techniques to James Franco's nut-kicking habit. But there's lots that you just didn't look at this year, including "After Several hours" host Josh Horowitz's dance-off against Attacking Youthful Boys, Joshua Jackson's capacity to chug a simple beer in 10-seconds, and even more. Receive the best "After Several hours" outtakes inside the video below! Obtain a "After Several hours" fix at MTV Movies!

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Patrice O'Neal Dead At 41: Stars, Comics React On Twitter

The comedy world lost another giant today as Patrice O'Neal has died at 41. Support for that popular stand-up comedian and frequent "Opie & Anthony Show" contributor continues to be overwhelming already, with fellow comics, stars, authors along with other celebs taking to Twitter to talk about their reminiscences of O'Neal as well as their condolences for his loss. See what everybody from Jesse Glover to Sarah Silverman needed to say about Patrice's passing in present day exclusive edition of Twitter-Wood. @JimGaffigan RIP Patrice ONeil. Undeniably brilliant. -Jim Gaffigan ("Super Military") @BrianLynch RIP Patrice O'Neal. Amusing individual. -John Lynch ("Hop") @SarahKSilverman RIP Patrice O'Neal. You've made us laugh til we cried. -Sarah Silverman ("The Muppets") @DonaldGlover f--k.....among the funniest and wisest comics ever. Relaxation in Peace Patrice O'Neal. -Jesse Glover ("Community") @michaelianblack Ah, s--t. I did not know him however i respected him. RIP Patrice O'Neil. -Michael Ian Black ("Wet Hot American Summer time") @PattonOswalt Yes, I am serious. And incredibly, very sad. #RIPPatrice -Patton Oswalt ("Youthful Adult") @thebrianposehn F--k, I'm so sad. Just awoke towards the news. We lost an execllent comic along with a sweet guy, Patrice ONeal. My ideas are together with his family. -John Posehn ("5 Year Engagement") @ThatKevinSmith I shared some air & some air time using the guy on O&A & he was always funny & thoughtful. Patrice - He'll be skipped: -Kevin Cruz ("Red-colored Condition") @sethmeyers21 RIP Patrice O'Neal. Each day spent watching clips of him on-lines are each day wisely spent. -Seth Meyers ("Saturday Evening Live") @bobsaget Patrice O'Neal. So damn funny and thus wise and the like a huge heart. -Bob Saget ("Entourage") @denisleary Patrice O'Neal. Among the funniest males whatever person walked this earth. RIP. -Denis Leary ("Amazing Spider-Guy") Leave your reminiscences of Patrice O'Neal within the comments section as well as on Twitter.

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Update: Repetition Defends Miley Cyrus Stoner Comments As Sarcastic

First Launched: November 27, 2011 10:46 PM EST Credit: Getty Images La, Calif. -- Caption Miley Cyrus reaches The 53rd Annual Grammy Honours held at Staples Concentrate on February 13, 2011 in La, CaliforniaMiley Cyrus received fire on Sunday carrying out a video showing the actress/singer joking about smoking marijuana at her special birthday made the models online. However, a repetition for Miley notifies Access Hollywood the 19-year-old stars remarks were in jest. The dessert will be a joke and Miley have been sarcastic, a repetition for Miley told Access on Sunday. It's being completely removed of context. Inside the video (acquired with the Daily), Miley is seen laughing with pals before saying because of revelers for just about any cake featuring the facial skin of reggae icon Bob Marley, saying, You understand youre a stoner once your pals lead you to a Bob Marley cake you understand you smoke a lot of f***in weed. Formerly Sunday, Kelly Osbourne, who place the birthday celebration for your former Hannah Montana star, was quick to safeguard her friend, taking to Twitter to see fans the dessert and subsequent comments were simply making light of Mileys highly-marketed salvia incident this season. Let me make something very apparent after Miley Cyrus salvia incident we started calling her bob miley just like a JOKE! Kelly Tweeted on Sunday. The dessert appeared to become a Tale! It will make me sick that Miley Cyrus so referred to as pals would sell her out and lead people 2 believe she's somebody that she's not! U males if Miley Cyrus is not recording/filming/touring she's works everyday how could she possible fit everything in if she will be a stoner! #think, she added. Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Corporation. All rights reserved. These elements is probably not launched, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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New Regency Acquires Aron Eli Coleite Pitch Hellbent

EXCLUSIVE: New Regency closed a mid-six figure deal for Hellbent, a thriller pitch that will be written by Aron Eli Coleite. Erwin Stoff and Michael Green will produce and New Regency CEO Brad Weston took it off the table as two other bids mobilized. It’s described as a prison escape movie with supernatural elements. Hellbent is the second deal in a month for Coleite, whose science fiction/drama spec script The End was recently bought by Warner Bros. That film focuses on three completely different storylines that are interconnected by the fact that the players in each one are trying to reconcile the fact that the world is going to end. There is a veteran broadcaster in London, a 16-year old girl and her boyfriend in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a devoted family man in Shanghai. They each try to make peace with their lives before an interstellar event ends the world in just six hours. Coleite works with Green on the ABC series The River, and they previously worked together on Heroes. “We were eager to get in business with the new configuration of New Regency, and Brad really got the pitch and has had success with genre movies,” Stoff said. “That made it the right place for the pitch.” The scribe’s repped by CAA, Green by WME and 3 Arts.

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Open Road nabs U.S. rights to 'Outrun'

Open Road Films has acquired all U.S. rights to the romantic action comedy"Outrun,"starring,written and co-directed by Dax Shepard. Cast included Kristen Bell, BradleyCooper, Tom Arnold, Beau Bridges, Kristin Chenoweth, David Koechner, Michael Rosenbaum, Joy Bryant and Ryan Hansen. David Palmer co-directed with Shepard. Theannouncement was madeFriday by Tom Ortenberg, CEO of Open Road Films. Exclusive Media Group acquired international rights to "Outrun," currently in post-production, during the American Film Market earlier this month. Producers are Andrew Panay, Nate Tuck, Kim Waltrip and Jim Casey. Shepard plays an ex-getaway driver living under an assumed identity in central California. He agrees to break the rules of his witness protection and drive his girlfriend (played by Bell) to Los Angeles so that she can land her dream job. When the authorities and his former gang (led by Cooper's character) learn he is back behind the wheel, they hit the road to chase him down. Open Road plans to open "Outrun" next year but hasn't set a date. Contact Dave McNary at

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Connie Britton Adopts Baby Boy

Connie Britton American Horror Story's Connie Britton has adopted a baby boy.Britton returned home from Ethiopia a week ago with 9-month-old Eyob after a three-year adoption process, People reports.Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton preview American Horror Story's upcoming scares"I am thanking my lucky stars every day," says the 44-year-old actress.Before her role on the FX horror drama American Horror Story, Britton played Tami Taylor in Friday Night Lights.

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Megan Fox Channels Bette Davis in Smoldering New Armani Campaign (Video)

Megan Fox's serious film career has already established a bit of the nose dive since her peak moment in Transformers. And so the shateringly beautiful brunette has made a decision to select laughs. Her next role -- a cameo -- is at Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator and he or she features a role (again, unknown) in Judd Apatow's That Is Forty with Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Emmy champion Melissa McCarthy and John Lithgow.Throughout these photos within the set, she's wearing leather shorts together with a black tshirt. What? Perhaps you have expect a business suit? Ultimately watch out for Megan revisit the silver screen, here's a review of her smokin' new Armani Beauty Video through which she cranks as much as full smolder with an Bette Davis effect. We heard that Megan paid out visit toVeterans' Home of California on Veterans Day. She must have made plenty of vet's tickers go pitty pat. Here's wanting the medics had the defrib unit close by. PHOTO GALLERY: View Gallery Bette Davis (1932-2011) Fashion Jason Segel Judd Apatow Leslie Mann Megan Fox Melissa McCarthy Paul Rudd Sacha Baron Cohen Giorgio Armani

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'The Adventures of Tintin': Never-Before-Seen Footage Promises Lots of Action (Video)

Weta Digital Ltd. Vital Pictures on Thursday launched a brand new "sneak look" at its approaching movie The Adventures of Tintin: The Key from the Unicorn, from director Steven Spielberg and producer Jackson.our editor recommendsSteven Spielberg, Peter Jackson's 'Adventures of Tintin' to shut Out AFI Fest (Exclusive)Foreign Box Office: Spielberg's 'Adventures Of Tintin' Opens Solid No. 1 Overseas'The Adventures of Tintin': What James Cameron Demonstrated Spielberg and Jackson9 Things You Must Know About 'The Adventures of Tintin' The studio states the clip, launched soon after the film closed the AFI Fest in La, features "never-before-seen footage" from the movie, which uses motion capture and CGI animation. PHOTOS: 'The Adventures of Tintin' U.K. Premiere Blue Carpet Arrivals Tintin was modified in the legendary -- a minimum of outdoors the U.S. -- comic series by Belgian artist Herge. The little one-friendly film begins when Tintin (voiced by Jamie Bell) finds out one ship having a secret leading him, with Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) at his side and also the villainous Sakharine (Difficulties) in pursuit, on the round-the-world mission to locate a shipwreck known as the Unicorn. The 30-second clip promises lots of action, with Tintin starting on his mission via pretty bumpy rides by boat, motorcycle and plane. PHOTO: Steven Spielberg's 'The Adventures of Tintin: Secret from the Unicorn' Spielberg and Jackson lately spoken towards the Hollywood Reporter for any cover story about the building of the film, which used condition-of-the-art three dimensional motion capture techniques. Spielberg stated he first optioned the privileges in 1983 but wasn't satisfied the first script could be "palatable for that rabid global fans."In 2004, he requested Jackson's Weta Digital effects house to produce Tintin's dog Snowy, causing the remarkable collaboration between your two. THR COVER STORY: Steven Spielberg and Jackson: The Leaders Behind 'The Adventures of Tintin' The film, the first inside a suggested trilogy, is going to be launched within the U . s . States on 12 ,. 21. It's already opened up overseas. Andy Serkis Steven Spielberg Difficulties Jackson The Adventures of Tintin Jamie Bell

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Tillman directs 'Miles Davis'

Producers have attracted on George Tillman Junior. to develop and helm "Miles Davis," an approaching biopic in regards to the influential jazz music artist. Helmer and producer Tillman ("Soul Food," "Faster," "Well-known,Inch "Barbershop") will base the film round the 2006 book "Dark Magus: The Jekyll and Hyde Information on Miles Davis," composed by Davis' boy, Gregory Davis. Film follows Davis' existence, including his battles with substance abuse, together with the progression of his legendary body at work. Supporting figures prone to are available in the pic include Jimi Hendrix, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Gil Evans, Michael Jackson and John Coltrane. Nick Davis Raynes and Ged Dickinson partner to produce the film with Davis Raynes Prods. in colaboration with Condition Street Pictures. A period of time for "Miles Davis" is not set. Contact Gordon Cox at

And a Broadway goddess

Director Walter Bobbie and David Ives flank Nina Arianda. At Tuesday's opening of David Ives' "Venus in Fur," Manhattan Theater Club's Lynne Meadow trumpeted the fact that the play is the first by the prolific scribe to open on Broadway.But the comedy starring Nina Arianda and Hugh Dancy is still, like a lot of others by Ives, an adaptation -- in this case of a 19th century erotic novel that led to the coining of the term "sado-masochism."Indeed, Ives has become the go-to guy for comic adaptations lately with a string of updates of Moliere, Corneille, Regnard and others."The story is always the hardest thing," he said at BB Kings. "When you adapt, someone just hands you a great story. They've done three-quarters of the work for you. All you have to do is run with it."

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Armie Hammer on Clint Eastwood's Directing Style: 'I Thought We Were Just Rehearsing That'

"There would be takes that we did where I was under the impression we were shooting a rehearsal," admits 'J. Edgar' co-star Armie Hammer about Clint Eastwood's famously brisk directorial style, a statement that flies in the face -- just a tad -- of what was said at the 'J. Edgar' press conference in Los Angeles last week. "I've got this reputation of shooting one take, and it's a wonderful reputation to have, but it's hard to live up to," said Eastwood. "If you did, it'd be kind of shoddy, I think." Then again, Eastwood wasn't in the room when Moviefone spoke to Armie Hammer. In 'J. Edgar,' Hammer plays Clyde Tolson, J. Edgar Hoover's erstwhile second-in-command who, at least according to the film, also shared a romantic relationship with Hoover until the day he died. Moviefone spoke to Hammer about Eastwood's one-take reputation -- especially when compared to David Fincher, who Hammer just worked with on 'The Social Network' -- the fact that the real-life Hoover thought Hammer's great-grandfather was a spy, his preparation for 'The Lone Ranger,' why there are two Snow White movies in the works, and if people think that he has a real-life twin brother. I always find it funny the words that auto fill-in when I do research on someone on Google. Yeah, yeah... The second one that fills in for you is "shirtless." Oh, God. Jeeze. It could be worse? I mean, I wouldn't mind that, I don't think? Well, I mean, dude, you're better off. Trust me. I do find it fascinating that you went from a David Fincher movie to a Clint Eastwood movie, considering their directorial styles. As polar opposite as you can get. Absolutely. Is there any exaggeration there? Is Eastwood really like, "cut, print, let's move on"? There would be takes that we did where I was under the impression we were shooting a rehearsal. Or that the cameras weren't even on ... and that's what we used. Then, the flip side of that coin, getting to take 60 with Fincher and hearing him go, "No, I don't like it. Delete them all. OK, start over -- take one." Really? There were times that you really didn't think the cameras were on? Oh, yeah, definitely. At one point he was like, "OK, cut, print." And I was like, "Whoa, whoa, Clint, I had my sides in my hands, I thought we were just rehearsing that." Were there any scenes you wanted to do again and Clint wouldn't let you? Um... initially, when we first started, there were times I was like, "Please, can we do one more. I think I can do it better. Please, please, please." But, then, eventually, I fell into it -- just trusting Clint as much as everybody else trusted Clint. And I think it really paid off in spades. And I'm guessing after 'The Social Network' you never thought that you would ever ask, "Please, please, can we do one more?" [Laughs] But, you know what's funny? I got used to it. The sort of way that Fincher works -- the grueling amount of takes. And because it was my first experience doing a big movie, that was what I was sort of acclimated to. So when we started doing ['J. Edgar'], I was like, "I don't think we're working hard enough." Like, "It doesn't feel like we're drained. How come I'm going home when the sun's still up? What's going on?" See, that's interesting. So, coming from the Fincher mindset, did you just assume you would get at least a couple takes to work some stuff out with your character and have it figured out by take two or three? We didn't have that opportunity. Right. But was it really that big of a shock? Did you ever say, "Wait, we're really not doing that again?" Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, definitely. I mean, it was only a shock for the first day. Because, like I said, you get used to it and then, all of a sudden, you start to really appreciate it. It just becomes effortless filmmaking. You know, he's been doing it for so long, he's been able to strip all of the noise and extraneous riff-raff and crap out of the filmmaking process. What you have is a boiled down, simplified, elemental version of filmmaking. And it's amazing to be a part of it. What's your favorite Clint Eastwood movie? My favorite Eastwood movie? Oof. 'The Outlaw Josie Wales'... Do you mean that he's directed or stared in? Either or, or both. The floor is yours. It would probably be -- I mean, 'Unforgiven' is just epic. And 'Josie Wales,' and, of course, 'Million Dollar Baby' is probably my most favorite recent one he's done. But I also love 'Gran Torino.' I don't know. Probably 'Unforgiven.' What did you know about Hoover before signing on for this film? I didn't know much. I knew sort of the stories that got passed around the family -- I mean, he really hated Armand [Hammer]. He didn't trust him. He thought he was a spy. So I grew up hearing all of that. So when I finally read the script it was more instead of, "Wow, this is crazy," it was more of, "My God, it's true!" For your character, Clyde Tolson, researching seems like a much more difficult task. There doesn't seem to be a lot out there. It was the easiest thing in the world for me because I took the lazy way out and hired a professional researcher. I didn't know you could do that. It's the same lady that I work with on every one of my projects. I told her, "Find me everything you can," and she did. I probably had over 6000 pages of research on Clyde Tolson, at least. Including every excerpt from a book that mentioned him even once. Everything. Every picture of him ever taken, including, but not limited to, pictures of him sleeping that J. Edgar took. I know you're probably being asked a lot about the makeup. But that looks like a lot of makeup. Well, I mean, it's not a little makeup, I'll tell you that. Was that difficult? Um... yes and no. It's difficult, but it helps, at the same time. It's difficult because you have a quarter inch of latex glued to your face with professional strength adhesive for 12, 13, 14 hours out of the day. And, effectively, you're putting on a mask, which will limit the amount of emoting that you can do with your face. So, to get that all across, you have to sit in the mirror and go, "OK, if I smile, I have to actually try and close my eyes and pull my cheeks back and I have to do all of this stuff," that you don't think about when you're not wearing a huge mask on your face. Has a stranger ever asked you where your twin brother is? Yes. That has happened to me. And it's, like, the biggest compliment that I can get. I mean, I'd rather someone come up and say that than anything else. Because then it's like, "Ah, we tricked you! We got ya!" Do you ever here from those guys? The actual Winklevoss twins? No. No, I never really heard from them. I met them once or twice through the course of making the movie. I mean, they're so drastically different than who I am and what I want to be that it's like, I almost just would rather hang out with my normal friends. So, 'The Lone Ranger' is on again? Yeah, we're on, dude. We're riding off into the sunset. That's an interesting role. How do you prepare to play The Lone Ranger? Well, my researcher is prepping again. She's looking up Texas Ranger lore and Texas history and locations that are in the movie that I want to know about. What the general population would know in the day -- how informed were they? How did they get their news? What sort of education would this guy have? All of those things. So, really, a lot of stuff. I'm excited about getting into it. You might want to stay away from the 1981 movie 'The Legend of the Lone Ranger.' [Laughs] Yeah, right! That was the real lame one. Yeah, yeah. Why are there two Snow White movies coming out next year? There are two Snow White movies coming out for the same reason that you remember back in the day there was 'Armageddon' and then 'Deep Impact.' You know, 'Andromeda Strain' and then 'Outbreak.' Like, all of those things. It's common because basically studios have no imagination in making the decisions. They go, "Oh, they just had success with that movie, so we'll do a movie like that." The pictures look nice. Those pictures aren't even recut. Like, those are just pictures that some guy took on stage. Wait until you see. I've seen little things that after Tarsem [Singh] has done his Tarsem magic on it, those pictures look drastically different. Don't think that's what it's going to look like. It's going to look so much cooler. You can contact Mike Ryan directly on Twitter. Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook [Photo: Warner Bros.] 'J. Edgar' Premiere See All Moviefone Galleries » RELATED

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Drifters (Gli sfiorati)

A Fandango production in collaboration with Rai Cinema. (International sales: Fandango Portobello, London.) Produced by Domenico Procacci. Directed by Matteo Rovere. Screenplay, Laura Paolucci, Francesco Piccolo, Rovere, based on the novel by Sandro Veronesi.With: Andrea Bosca, Miriam Giovanelli, Claudio Santamaria, Michele Riondino, Asia Argento, Massimo Popolizio, Aitana Sanchez-Gijon.The trials and tribulations of attractive young Italians provide the photogenic subject for contempo comedy-drama "Drifters." Based on Sandro Veronesi's Rome-set novel, helmer Matteo Rovere's sophomore effort benefits from its media-friendly depiction of a new social group, the titular gli sfiorati -- just as long as no one remembers the book was actually published in 1990. Of more questionable value is the pic's incest storyline, likely to be downplayed in Italo distributor Fandango's marketing come the film's spring release. Overseas, the sibling-lust angle might assist material that's otherwise in danger of being too slight for successful export to foreign arthouses. Handsome, 30-ish Mete (Andrea Bosca) has an apartment in Rome's picturesque historical center, a stimulating (if unlikely) job as a handwriting analyst and an enviable, appropriately hedonistic social life. Less felicitously, his 17-year-old half-sister, Belinda (Miriam Giovanelli), to whom he's inconveniently attracted, has just moved into his living room. As Mete's father, Sergio (Massimo Popolizio), a soccer star-turned-sports pundit, belatedly prepares to marry Belinda's mother, Virna (Spanish-Italian actress Aitana Sanchez-Gijon), the two half-siblings negotiate their problematic intimacy boundaries. Written by Rovere, Laura Paolucci and Francesco Piccolo, the screenplay successfully juggles several elements, notably a funny subplot involving nutty man-eater Beatrice (Asia Argento, in a change-of-pace role that will earn her plenty more comedic castings). Meanwhile, a committed perf from Michele Riondino as Mete's real-estate-agent buddy Damiano can't disguise the stock-comedy aspect of this generic lothario character. In this follow-up to his 2008 teen drama "Un gioco da ragazze," Rovere succeeds in presenting sibling sex in a lighthearted context that never teeters into heavy issue-movie terrain; a framing device, which places the bulk of the action in the recent past, likewise helps auds accept what they might otherwise resist. However, the film's exploration of the "drifters," described by Mete's fellow graphologist and pal Bruno (Claudio Santamaria) as "a new unforeseen category," is less assured. This liquid, glancing form of existence, more an attitude than a specific demographic, probably won't be challenging the likes of Generations X and Y and for sociological supremacy. Tech credits are pro. Andrea Farri's score, confidently fusing orchestral and electronic elements, reps a major plus, and the sound mix is afforded some showily effective moments in one nightclub scene. Picture-postcard Rome locations do no harm, with Sergio and Virna's wedding in particular affording a pleasant whiz around the city in a vintage convertible, Colosseum and all.Camera (color, widescreen), Vladan Radovic; editor, Giogio Franchini; music, Andrea Farri; production designer, Alessandro Vannucci; set decorator, Cristina Del Zotto; costume designer, Monica Celeste; sound (Dolby Digital), Maricetta Lombardo; supervising sound editor, Gianluca Carbonelli; re-recording mixer, Marco Cappolecchia; visual effects supervisor, Rodolfo Migliari; line producer, Ivan Fiorini; assistant director, Matteo Albano; casting, Francesca Borromeo. Reviewed at London Film Festival (Cinema Europa), Oct. 26, 2011. Running time: 111 MIN. Contact the Variety newsroom at

Swedish muscle

Mikael MarcimainDirector Swedish TV and commercials director Marcimain is making his long-awaited feature debut with "Call Girl," a political thriller set in the late 1970s, starring Pernilla August, set for release in 2012. He made his name with the acclaimed miniseries "The Laser Man" and "How Soon Is Now?," a drama of Swedish youth in revolt during the turbulent era of 1965-76. He's known for his collaboration with Dutch cinemato-grapher Hoyte van Hoytema, who also worked with Tomas Alfredson on "Let the Right One In" and "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy," and with David O. Russell on "The Fighter."Karzan KaderWriter-directorKadar's family came to Sweden from Kurdistan when he was 8, to escape the 1990 Iraq War. "Bekas," his graduation short from the Stockholm film school, took a silver medal at the Student Academy Awards this year, and won a prize at the Palm Springs Shorts Fest. Kader is now expanding the story into feature for Sonet Film. "Bekas" is about two brothers living on the street in Kurdistan, who dream up a daring plan to get to America, which they think is just across the border. Shooting in spring was interrupted by the Arab uprisings, but the cameras are now rolling again.Bill SkarsgardActor The latest in the acting dynasty -- fourth son of Stellan, brother of Alexander and Gustaf -- 21-year-old Bill Skarsgard is on his way to becoming a major Swedish star. Appearing alongside his father in crusader epic "Arn: The Kingdom at Road's End" convinced him that he wanted to follow in the family business, but it was his title role in "Simple Simon," Sweden's 2010 submission for the foreign-language film Oscar, which made his own name. His latest role is the lead in the World War II epic "Simon and the Oaks," based on a classic Swedish bestseller about a boy who befriends a Jewish refugee.Lisa AschanWriter-director When the Swedish Film Institute launched its Rookie program in 2009 to fund low-budget films by debut directors, the applicants were overwhelmingly male. So it decided that only women would be considered for the fifth and final Rookie project. That led to the selection of Aschan's "She Monkeys," about three teenage girls who perform horseback gymnastics. Pic premiered to acclaim at Berlin this year and won narrative feature at Tribeca. Despite its arthouse style, Aschan, who trained at the Danish Film School, describes "She Monkeys" as a Western, and is next planning a horror project.Babak NajafiWriter-directorBorn in Iran, Najafi moved to Sweden as a boy in the mid-1980s. He trained as a documentary director, and won the Stockholm festival's 1 km film scholarship in 1999 for his debut short "Rasten." After several shorts, he made his feature debut in 2010 with the drama "Sebbe," about a single mother and her son living on a tough working-class estate. Pic won the debut prize at Berlin, then best film at Sweden's Guldbagge awards. In a sharp change to a more commercial direction, he's now finishing "Easy Money 2," the sequel to the 2010 hit crime thriller.Malin BuskaActress With just a couple of previous shorts on her film resume, 27-year-old stage actress Buska was a revelation in Bjorn Runge's slice of Swedish miserabilism "Happy End." Critics raved about her performance as a cleaner who is beaten by her boyfriend, but whose life changes when a troubled young artist asks to paint her. Although the film went largely unseen by the paying public, the role has put her firmly on the industry's radar as a star in the making.Patrik AnderssonProducer Andersson began his career in various marketing and distribution roles at Nordisk, Sandrew Metronome, the Swedish Film Institute and the Stockholm Intl Film Festival. He was headhunted by St. Paul Film to move across into production as head of development, where he is building up the slate. He's also producing writer-director Lisa Langseth's sophomore drama "Hotel," following her Guldbagge script win for her debut "Pure."Gabriela PichlerWriter-director After film school in Gothenburg, Gabriela Pichler won for short at the 2009 Guldbagge awards for her graduation film "Scratches," which also took fest prizes at Munich, Karlovy Vary and Uppsala. Her feature debut, "Eat Sleep Die," is now in post-production. Written and directed by Pichler for Anagram Prods., it's the story of a young woman's fight to stay in her home village after the closure of the local factory makes everyone redundant. Pichler brings a strong storytelling instinct to the arty, political style associated with Gothenburg filmmakers.Liv MjonesActress After numerous stage and TV roles, including the SVT series "Bibliotekstjuven," 32-year-old actress Mjones made her feature breakthrough this year with the lead in lesbian romance "With Every Heartbeat" (aka "Kyss mig") directed by Alexandra-Therese Keining. She followed that with "Stockholm East," released in October, and she'll be discovered by a more mainstream audience next year in spy thriller "In the Nation's Interest," the latest installment in the Carl Hamilton franchise, Sweden's answer to James Bond.Erika Wasserman & Jesper KurlandskyProducers "Avalon," the second feature produced by Wasserman and Kurlandsky under their Fasad shingle, won the international critics discovery award at Toronto for its debut director Axel Petersen. Kurlandsky learned the ropes as part of Lukas Moodysson's team on "Mammoth," "Container," "Lilya-4-ever" and "A Hole in My Heart," with a variety of credits including cinematographer, casting director and art director. Now he and Wasserman, a former publicist, are closely associated with nurturing Sweden's new wave of arthouse filmmakers. Kurlandsky is next producing "Blondie," his second film with director Jesper Gandslandt, while Wasserman working on her second project with Henrik Hellstrom, "Hollows."STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Scandis fund femme visions | Business matters | Swedish muscle Contact the Variety newsroom at

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Holly Robinson Peete Sounds Off on Kim Kardashian's Divorce: Kris Humphries 'Got Used'

It has been several months since The Talk fans have been able to hear Holly Robinson Peete sound off on the day's hot topics. But, that doesn't mean she doesn't have something to say when it comes to the big celebrity news of the week: Kim Kardashian's quickie divorce filing from Kris Humphries. And the actress doesn't feel sorry for the E! reality star.our editor recommendsHolly Robinson Peete Talks About Her Surprise Axing From 'The Talk'; What Went Wrong With Show'The Talk's' Holly Robinson Peete Lands 'Mike & Molly' RoleKris Jenner Under Fire for 'Good Morning America' 'Indian Giver' RemarkKim Kardashian's Divorce Exposes Her Ambition for Fame and Money, Say Brand Experts (Analysis)Related Topics•Kim Kardashian PHOTOS: 19 of Hollywood's All-Time Shortest Marriages "If a sex tape doesn't ruin your brand, how does a divorce ruin your brand?" Peete, 47, tells The Hollywood Reporterabout whether she believed the failed marriage would damage Kardashian's image. "It's not going to ruin her brand. It's going to be good for her brand. No one is thinking of her as this love-struck puppy. No one ever thought of that. They just wanted to see a wedding and they watched." "The conversation that, well, America is upset with her, because she has no respect for the covenant of marriage is silly," she continues. "This is all about money, and fame, and all those things. This is her brand. I think it's going to be totally fine. It's the next chapter. It's now who's she going to date next." PHOTOS: Inside Kardashian Inc. Peete, who has been married to former NFL player, Rodney Peete, since 1995, tells THR that she found herself hanging out with some pro basketball players and their wives over Halloween and they had plenty to say about the divorce news. "That's all those guys can talk about," she says. "And the gist of it was they just felt so sorry for him, because they know he just got so caught up in stuff. And I just feel bad that no one's talking about him, I really do. I feel terrible for that boy. They were saying that when you're known for marrying someone who has a sex tape out, that was all they can talk about, and how that isn't sexy right there." "I feel terrible for that boy," Peete, who begins her multiple episode guest role Monday on CBS's Mike & Molly, goes on to say. "I think he really loves her and he's young and he's not used to that type of world. I think he got used, I really do." PHOTOS: Hollywood's Top Earners Humphries released a statement soon after the divorce filing was confirmed saying it took him by surprise and that he'd like to still work on the marriage. Do you agree with Peete? What are your thoughts on the hand Kris Humphries was dealt in his relationship with Kim Kardashian? Tell us in the comments section below. Email:; Twitter:@TheRealJethro Related Topics Holly Robinson Peete Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries

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Project X Trailer Crashes In

A celebration can get out of control...A celebration featuring several pals which get quickly out of control. Sexy women, offbeat males and police participation. Given Todd Phillips' title inside the credits, you might be pardoned for believing that this is often a stealth trailer for your Hangover 3, but and it's also a promo for just about any new comedy Phillips signed onto produce with Joel Silver referred to as Project X. You'll be able to take a look at Apple.With Phillips and Silver gathering a cast of youthful up-and-comers including Thomas Mann, Jonathan Daniel Brown, Oliver Cooper and Nichole O'Connor, along with ads director Nima Nourizadeh, the aim here appears to own visited apply the found footage genre with a madcap secondary school comedy. So, in several ways, it's type of The Hangover meets American Cake by way of Paranormal Activity. So... Parahormonal Activity, then?The plot finds three teens throwing whatever they hope is really a awesome special birthday, using the aim of creating themselves among their peers or just getting women really discover their whereabouts. In this contemporary era, it's even simpler than in the past for word from the party similar to this to spread, and very soon the situation is getting away . of control...There's not sure from the Uk release date yet, though we'd anticipate seeing it not extended following a US release on March 2, 2012.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lady Gaga Continues to Break Twitter Records With 15 Million Followers

Lady Gaga continues her reign as queen of Twitter by breaking yet another record on the micro-blogging site, notching 15 million followers on Oct. 27.our editor recommendsLady Gaga Reveals Love of Books by Indian Philosopher Osho: 'I Am Kind of an Indian Hippie' PHOTOS: Lady Gaga's MTV Evolution The pop star acquired her most recent 1 million followers in just 28 days. According to Media Bistro's All Twitter blog, that's a personal best for Gaga, beating her 31 day record between July and August of 2011. According to their projections, Gaga should reach another milestone -- 16 million followers -- on Nov. 27. Additionally, the singer could hit 20 million between March and April of 2012. PHOTOS: Lady Gaga's Fashion Forward Style Gaga is trailed by teen superstar Justin Bieber, who has 13.8 million Beliebers following his account. Currently in New Delhi to perform at India's Formula 1, Mother Monster acknowledged the milestone with a quick post: "I am finally here + what a dream come true. Performing at Formula 1 in INDIA, and my first day here I reached #15millionmonsters." Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter recently, Gaga revealed a love of Indian philosopher Osho, referring to herself as "an Indian Hippie." Related Topics Lady Gaga Twitter

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What to Expect From Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol's Wild IMAX Action Sequences

This December 16, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol premieres in IMAX five days in advance of its general release. Why exactly? Probably to encourage fans of the Tom Cruise franchise to see the picture in the large format director Brad Bird intended when he shot thirty minutes-worth of the fourth Ethan Hunt film in IMAX. To convince journalists that the large format is indeed worth higher ticket prices, an advance release date and a little early buzz, Paramount screened about 20 minutes worth of wild action sequences at the Rave 18 theater in Los Angeles last week. Ahead, the stomach-flipping details (and very mild spoilers). Producer Bryan Burk (Lost, Star Trek) introduced the footage by explaining that “there’s nothing Tom loves more than making these movies. […] He gives 110 percent which is daunting because I really, on my best day, give 5 percent. He loves doing stunts and being a part of it. Literally, every single shot you see is Tom Cruise. There are no stuntmen involved. He did have a stuntman who would go out and test wires and things. [The stuntman] is literally fearless — except for one fear which happens to be heights. Fortunately for the rest of us, Tom didn’t have that.” With that disclaimer, Burk threw to the first sequence which begins in a jeep as Tom Cruise’s IMF agent Ethan Hunt and his team (comprised of Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton and, supplying the comic relief, Simon Pegg) speed towards Dubai. “They are literally on ghost protocol which means the entire agency is shut down — it does not exist,” explained Burk beforehand. The foursome heads to the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa to “to stop a meeting between two people who should not be meeting.” Once set up inside — with Patton’s character surveying the appropriate floor in disguise — Renner, Cruise and Pegg’s characters figure out how they will infiltrate an impenetrable suite high above them. The only option they have, it seems, is for Hunt to scale the building with high tech “sticky gloves” that can support his weight and adhere himself to the building. The only problem? They, being such new technology, occasionally malfunction — when the film’s hero is nearly a half mile above ground. The entire sequence is shot in dizzying IMAX with sweeping establishing shots showing a picturesque city — and then the insanely high building that Cruise climbs. One particularly stomach-churning shot pans up the building before flipping over the tower — looking down — and keeps going. Another impressive shot runs down the side of the building, giving viewers the sense that they are riding a roller coaster. Without giving too much away, the tension-filled sequence — during which Ethan Hawke’s life is at risk multiple times — ends with the perfect comedic button from Simon Pegg. The levity was, as Burk explained, something that was not part of the Mission Impossible franchise beforehand but something that director Bird felt passionate about infusing into the fourth installment. The second sequence shown was a high-pace chase scene that occurs during a sandstorm. Audience members cannot see anything except sand granules whipping at them and Tom Cruise, who is forced to chase a baddie using a GPS tracker device only since he cannot see more than six inches in front of him. Oh, and did I mention that part of this chase occurs in vehicles racing at high speeds? The scene ends as the sand storm does — the haze and sand fall away and Cruise is left staring at his target as he speeds away. So yes, if you are going to make a trip to the local IMAX theater this holiday season, maybe consider Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Tom Cruise only risked his life to give you these death-defying movie thrills. Watch the new trailer, courtesy of Yahoo:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bettag tapped for 'Brian Williams'

NBC News has tapped CNNer Tom Bettag for the post of segment producer on "Rock Center With Brian Williams," set to debut on Monday, Oct. 31, at 10 p.m., replacing the Peacock's short-lived drama "The Playboy Club." The division has pulled together the show quickly over the last few months, bringing in BBC America's Rome Hartman as exec producer and respected broadcast anchor Ted Koppel as a contributor, among others. Bettag comes from "State of the Union with Candy Crowley" and "Reliable Sources" at the Turner news cabler, and brings with him an impressive trophy wall. The producer has earned six duPont-Columbia University Silver Batons, three Overseas Press Club awards, Quinnipiac U.'s Fred Friendly Award and and 30 Emmys. The hourlong "Rock Center," to be broadcast live from studio 3B in Rockefeller Center, will be available in various digital editions at and via digital apps. Contact Sam Thielman at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stars feed EA's 'Need'

Ea put a person discuss 'Need for Speed' with motion-capture tech and thesps Christina Hendricks and Sean Faris. Hendricks Faris After 17 games, Apple Something Ea "Requirement of Speed" isn't showing signs and signs and symptoms of slowing down lower lower. But to resume its racing series and gamers interested, the business went Hollywood, developing a plot and employing stars.In the first for your franchise, Sean Faris ("Never Lower Again") and Christina Hendricks ("Mad Males") play in the lead roles in "Requirement of Speed: The Run," which concentrates on a hard race from San Francisco Bay Area to NY City. The sport hits store shelves November. 15. Where previous obligations revolved around realistic renderings of sports cars and races, EA added figures to "The Run," created by Black Box Studio, to supply players a "reason they're racing the automobile,Inch mentioned Jason DeLong, professional producer in the title. "It's a different direction. The first time inside the franchise, you actually see and control the motive pressure.InchClearly, the initial priority is by using an incredible driving experience, only one factor our fans have told us is always that motivation isalso vital,Inch he mentioned. "We desired to utilize Hollywood talent and tell a great story that may serve as the punctuation mark to obtain the player active in the growth of the knowledge.In . In the sport, Faris plays a cocky wheelman services who'll enter danger while using mob and really should win the dangerous mix-country race to live. Hendricks can be a manager of street racers and ponies within the money for Faris' driver to compete for your $25 million prize and may serve as his eyes and ears in route.Every thesps had never carried out employment in the vidgame before "The Run.""It's been fantastic fun to behave so various and also to exhibit another side of myself too,Inch Hendricks mentioned.EA offers a great deal riding on "The Run." Since 1994, the "Requirement of Speed" games have created greater than $100 million for that organization, with consoles boasting greater-finish graphics, EA happen to be trying to find new techniques and also hardwearing . series running.Furthermore to adding a tale and stars, it's also beginning a completely new merchandise line including 50 pairs of exclusive edition Adidas-high quality "Requirement of Speed: The Run" running shoes."Our goal with 'Need for Speed' is going to be not just a videogame franchise, after we view ourselves just like a leader in youth and automotive culture too,Inch mentioned EA senior marketing director Kevin Maher. For "The Run," EA switched to support of Moves, the motion capture house whose credits include "Tron: Legacy," "Super 8" and blockbuster games "Cod: Black Procedures" and "Gears of War 3."The business produced a brand new motion-capture technology referred to as "electrooculagraphy," initially created for that healthcare industry, that tracks the electronic impulses concerning the eyes to supply digital figures really a soul by re-creating realistic facial and eye actions.For example, 90 sensors were situated around the actors' faces, where 60 are often used."Our innovative, all-new performance capture technology pushes the restrictions of character animation, enabling us to perfectly capture Christina and Sean's likeness resulting in an engaging narrative experience coupled with top-notch racing," DeLong mentioned. It's the first time the technology was used for just about any videogame, but because House of Moves also works well with film productions, it's only determined by time just before the tech is needed for just about any tentpole. Compared to many Tv shows, which take eight 16-hour days to film, the story mode of "The Run" needed four days for Faris and Hendricks to shoot. The sequences participate in like small-movies between your racing action."You must do three takes and you're simply to another factor, Faris told Variety. "You will discover lots of cameras throughout taking every possible position everything can get shot concurrently.Inch Nevertheless the finish result "is me," he added. "It's my figure, my actions, the means by which I did so it. It's just a glossed-over me in animated form. My cousins is going to be playing me. I'm a videogame character. That's awesome.."Faris, who recently wrapped Dark Castle's thriller "Stash House," in contrast the understanding to "like a 5-year-old playing in the sandbox or perhaps the playground getting a sword or possibly a gun." "You're in the room ornamented by cameras those. People say, 'There's a wall the following or possibly an automobile over there' and you're simply just searching within an apple box. It's all about utilizing your imagination." Not used to undertaking stunts on sets like "Never Lower Again" and "Freerunner," Faris found developing a videogame much like physical. "Wherever the truth is the level of smoothness jumping and running across building gaps, that was me accumulating some boxes stacked five to six foot high," mentioned Faris, who had no time before done a videogame. "There's plenty of running, jumping, falling, twisting, turning, fighting -- all must be shot in some manner. I used to be worn-in the conclusion of each and every day."Faris already is attempting to return for an additional "Requirement of Speed" follow-up and continue racing, should EA invite him back."As soon as I obtained the phone call, I mentioned, 'Yes," Faris mentioned. "I'm an actress to ensure that as extended after i get moving and feel happier about the project, I'll take action. It was not anyone to settle the financial obligations. It had been one I used to be excited to accomplish.In . Contact Marc Graser at

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Watercooler: Who Hartz Megan Mullally on Happy Endings? We Do!

Megan Mullally Wouldn't the world be so much better if we all sang our arguments? God knows, TV would be better if we had more Megan Mullally on it.Last night, the scene stealer we worshipped as Anastasia Beaverhausen, (or, ya know, Will & Grace's Karen Walker) put a song in our hearts with her Happy Endings guest spot as Dana Hartz, Penny's cabaret-circuit mother. A pitch-perfect blend of chronic optimism, theatricality and borderline craziness, Mullally scenes with the underrated Casey Wilson were a scream from start to BIG finish, and Dana's "I'm singin' at a boat show" breakdown - complete with attacks on the whole gang - was yet another reminder that there's no such thing as too much Mullally. Here's hoping that the folks at Happy, or even Parks and Recreation, where she is equally awesome as Tammy Two, find more for the multiple Emmy winner to do this season.So, did Mullally's appearance have you saying "yeah, buoy"?Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now!

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Zynga Unveils New Games, Own Social Gaming Platform Dubbed Project Z

NY - Social gaming giant Zynga, which earlier this year filed for an initial public offering, on Tuesday unveiled a slew of new games and the addition of new platforms with the goal of attracting new casual players and busy, on-the-go gamers, as well as making itself less dependent on social network Facebook. CEO Mark Pincus unveiled 10 new products during an event, entitled "Unleashed," at the company's headquarters in San Francisco, saying that Zynga wants to be the biggest bet on the social gaming space. "Games for everyone, everywhere" was one of the taglines used in Zynga tweets and a blog post about the event. The firm at the event touted Project Z, a Facebook Connect-enabled platform providing an environment for games designed to reduce its dependence on Facebook, while allowing users to connect with their Facebook friends. Zynga called the planned service, which will launch later, "a new "playground"to leverage your friend network on Facebook in an entirely new way" and focused on games. "What we've found from talking to our players is that they want to play online with friends who love the same games, and they want to connect with others who are playing at that very moment," Zynga explained in a blog post. "We call that the promise of instant socýial, and today we're taking a bigyúg step towards it with the announcement of Project Z, a new social games service from Zynga, enabled by Facebook Connect." Zynga executives Tuesday also unveiled new games, including CastleVille, Zynga Bingo, which will be packaged with Zynga Poker under the moniker Zynga Casino, and Dream Zoo. Zynga also touted its previously announced first-ever sequel, Mafia Wars 2, and unveiled Hidden Chronicles, a game in a new genre for Zynga that combines memory and skill challenges. "This hidden object game is a combination of memory and skill; essentially a social scavenger hunt including hidden object play, engaging puzzles and some friendly competition," Zynga said about Hidden Chronicles. It also introduced HTML5 mobile versions of three of its existing games that will soon launch on Facebook's mobile apps sites - Zynga Poker, Words With Friends and FarmVille Express. Zynga, also known for such Facebook games as CityVille, has been striking integration deals with films, TV shows and music stars, such as Lady Gaga and Enrique Iglesias. Email: Twitter: @georgszalai Related Topics Zynga

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Human Centipede 2 Can get Certificates

32 cuts plus it bakes an 18-rating.They mentioned it couldn't be accomplished. They mentioned the HumanCentipede II:FullSequence had "a effective focus throughout round the link between full sexual confidence and sexual violence together with a apparent association between discomfort, perversity and sexual satisfaction,Inch to ensure that there's an authentic risk that it may be classified as obscene and could Not passed mere cuts. Now, however, the film's received an 18-rating within the BBFC following, er, mere cuts.IanSadler, Eureka's sales director, mentioned, "We are really pleased any time over 3 several days of detailed discussion and debate, we have been capable of acquire a contract while using BBFC and to create a very viable cut in the film which will both excite and challenge its fans. Naturally there exists a slight disappointment that individuals have required to make cuts, but we are feeling the storylinehas not been compromised and the quantity of horror remains sustained."Apparently the 32 cuts equal to a few momemts, 37 seconds in general, but clearly an agreement remains showed up at as well as the BBFC forget about thinks the film risks falling beneath the Obscene Guides Act. Nonetheless - are you currently queuing to find out it?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Amanda Knox Addresses Viewers From Seattle Airport Press Conference (Video)

After serving four years in an Italian prison, Amanda Knox is now back in her hometown of Seattle, Washington.our editor recommendsAmanda Knox Lifetime Movie to Be Updated After Verdict PHOTOS: 10 TV Trials That Shook the World The 24-year-old and her family held a press conference from the city's airport shortly after her arrival in the United States. Knox was freed from Italian custody on Monday, Oct. 3 when a jury overturned her 2009 conviction of sexually assaulting and murdering Meredith Kercher. Knox had already served four years of her 26-year sentence. VIDEO: Amanda Knox Leaves Italy for U.S. After Guilty Verdict Overturned "They're reminding me to speak in English, cause I'm having problems with that," Knox said. "I'm really overwhelmed right now. I was looking down from the airplane, and it seemed like everything wasn't real," she continued, while choking back tears. "Thank you to everyone who's believed in me, who's defended me, who's supported my family." Story: Amanda Knox Verdict: Conviction Overturned "My family's the most important thing to me right now, and I just want to go be with them. So thank you for being there for me," she concluded, receiving cheers from the airport audience. Related Topics Amanda Knox

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinewood backs 'Last Passenger'

ScottLONDON -- Train thriller "Last Passenger" has become the second project backed by U.K. studio group Pinewood Shepperton, under its plan to invest in low-budget films by new British directors."Last Passenger," written and directed by Omid Nooshin, stars Dougray Scott as a doctor caught on a runaway commuter train. The $2.5 million pic started shooting on Thursday at Shepperton Studios.Pinewood is investing alongside Future Films, the BFI Film Fund and Japan's Fel Corp. Pathe is handling international sales. Producers are Zack Winfield and Ado Yoshizaki of NDF Intl.Pinewood's first investment was "A Fantastic Fear of Everything," a $5 million paranoid comedy starring Simon Pegg, which shot at Shepperton this summer. It's co-directed by Crispian Mills and Chris Hopewell, with Universal taking multi-territory rights and Indomina providing gap finance. Pinewood's commercial director Nick Smith has been inundated with scripts since announcing plans in March to start making equity investments in low-budget British projects.The studio group is aiming to back four films a year from first-timers, with a combined budget of around $13 million."We've always had an appetite for first-time directors to be our customers, but we've not previously given them the tools to help them come and use our facilities," Smith said. "We would like to help people trying to get their foot on the first rung of the ladder." Contact the Variety newsroom at

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ashton Kutcher: Dont Believe The Hype

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Amid spiraling rumors of trouble between Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore and allegations of infidelity against the new Two and a Half Men star Ashton has spoken out regarding the latest scandal sort of. Early Thursday morning, the 33-year-old actor Tweeted a link to Public Enemys 1988 hit, Dont Believe the Hype, on his Spotify account. Ashton spoke out more directly later Thursday, Tweeting, When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME. As for Demi, the usually outspoken star has remained silent since photos surfaced of her husband partying at FLUXX in San Diego, Calif., on Friday (the day before her and Ashtons six-year wedding anniversary). However, Demi, 48, Tweeted a seemingly cryptic message on Friday, writing, When we are offended at any mans fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger. Epictetus. This is not the first time Ashton has been faced with cheating accusations. In 2010, Star magazine claimed Ashton stepped out on his marriage twice first with a woman at Los Angeles Madeo Restaurant in July, and later, with a woman he allegedly met at Lucky Strikes Lanes in Hollywood. The actor addressed the first round of cheating rumors on his Twitter writing, I think Star magazine calling me a cheater qualifies as defamation of character. I hope my lawyer agrees STAR magazine - you dont get to stand behind freedom of the press when you are writing fiction. Demi also chimed in on the matter at the time, Tweeting, Excellent point my love! In September, 2010, Ashtons attorney, Marty Singer denied the allegations, telling Access Hollywood, Star Magazine continuously publishes lies about Ashton Kutcher and many other celebrities. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time they engage in reckless conduct. At the time, a rep for Star told Access, Star stands by its story. Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Fall TV Premiere Week: The Individuals who win and Nonwinners

This piece appears inside the new problem in the Hollywood Reporter. Clickhereto start to see the cover.our editor recommendsMelissa McCarthy Concentrating on Comedy with 'The Help' Director How 'SNL' Made Her CryWhy Fox is Depending on Zooey Deschanel'Pan Am' Among Season's Most high-listed Pilots'Dancing While using Stars' Cast: Who's J.R. Martinez?Related Subjects•Fall Television Preview And so they're off! Which TV horses look most effective in the gate and that ought to go lower. THE Individuals who win Comedy Since the U.S. teeters round the precipice from the double-dip recession, laughter truly might be the very best medicine. Ashton Kutcher's Sept. 19 debut on CBS' two and a half Males created a football-sized 29 million audiences, as well as the second week's 20.5 million still assigned last season's average with Charlie Sheen. Generate An Earnings Met Your Mother first turned up double amounts, and two Broke Women, which accomplished good success in the monster Males lead-in, attracted inside an astounding 7.1 rating inside the 18-to-49 demo. On Fox, the Sept. 20 premiere of latest Girl bested its Glee lead-in and gave the network its finest-rated fall sitcom debut since the Bernie Mac Show in November 2001. The Next-season premiere of recent Family on Sept. 21 shipped ABC's top-rated season debut in six years, and lead-within the center hit a collection high. Even Whitney, eviscerated by experts, enhanced on Community's 2010 premiere inside the slot, though NBC's other Thursday comedies -- plus a Steve Carell-free Work -- were lower. PHOTOS: Fall TV's 12 Most Anticipated Shows Friday The systems were up 16 percent in aggregate in contrast while using first Friday this past year. Caveat alert: A year ago, Fox was DOA round the evening getting an individual Target rerun and not successful drama The Truly Amazing Males. So gains this year for Kitchen Bad dreams or nightmares and Fringe offset slight declines elsewhere. CBS ongoing to win by getting an exciting-original choice of the Gifted Guy, CSI: NY and Blue Bloods. Meanwhile, NBC's Dateline is really beating ABC's 20/20 at 10 p.m. it absolutely was up twenty five percent year-over-year due to its Sept. 23 season opener. And beginning March. 21, ABC and NBC will program original content round the extended-neglected evening. Extreme Transformation: Home Edition will lead off for ABC Chuck and Grimm can do the identical for NBC. PHOTOS: Fall TV Preview 2011: 10 Fresh Faces to know Fox The first time, Fox won premiere week inside the 18-to-49 demo, despite a nearly thirty percent drop for your Sept. 20 premiere of Glee together with a somewhat soft 12.5 million audiences for your X Factor -- especially thinking about that relate's stratospheric ad rates (around $400,000 for just about any 30-second place). Though New Girl on the rousing start and X Factor nonetheless juicing Wednesday and Thursday, Fox was up 26 % when compared with week among 2010-11 -- though Terra Nova's middling debut Sept. 26 can be a disappointment. PHOTOS: Fox's Year Tv Shows: 'Terra Nova,' 'The X Factor' plus much more THE Nonwinners Reality Franchises Just about any returning competition show bowed to lows: The Sept. 19 Dwts on ABC notched its least expensive-rated premiere, falling apart 24 percent when compared with last fall's opener. NBC's The Sing-Off was lower thirty percent-also in comparison having its previous bow in December. CBS' Survivor notched its least expensive-rated fall premiere. The Sept. 20 bow of NBC's The Finest Loser was lower twenty percent. And X Factor was beaten by Modern Family, compelling Family co-creator Steve Levitan to tweet, "It's very satisfying the scripted comedy finally beat an overhyped karaoke contest." PHOTOS: 'Dancing While using Stars' Season 13: Rehearsals 10 p.m. Dramas While CBS' Hawaii Five- remains time-slot leader on Monday, its Sept. 19 premiere was lower 13 percent year-over-year and off fifty percent in the 2 Broke Women lead-in. NBC's over-blown The Playboy Club was off thirty percent in contrast while using bow in the canceled Chase. Really, Playboy tied the 2008 drama Crusoe as NBC's least expensive-rated fall premiere inside the slot. Similarly, the Sept. 20 debut of ABC's Body of Proof was lower 26 % in contrast having its series premiere in March. As well as the 10 p.m. Wednesday slot did CSI no favors since the moved CBS drama's Sept. 21 premiere fell 9 % year-over-year no matter the debut of Ted Danson. CBS' The Mentalist was off 18 percent, and NBC's Prime Suspect, starring Maria Bello, marked NBC's least expensive-rated Thursday fall series debut ever. Two exceptions at ABC: Castle elevated double amounts, and Revenge got an excellent start from Family to greater than double premiere of last season's The Whole Truth. PHOTOS: Fall TV Dying Pool: Will 'Charlie's Angels,' 'Whitney' or 'How to become Gentleman' Be Axed First? NBC No. 4 network ended the initial week lower ten percent inside the 18-to-49 demo when compared with a year ago -- just before the shake-from the entertainment division. Yes, NBC can blame your competitors -- Kutcher on Males and double doses of Family, The Big Bang Theory and the way I Met Your Mother -- and a lot of its schedule reaches development before Bob Greenblatt needed over. However when the initial ratings really are a sign, NBC's turnaround is greatly an item happening. Related Subjects Maria Bello Ted Danson Zooey Deschanel Dwts CBS Kitchen Bad dreams or nightmares two and a half Males Fox Broadcasting Corporation Generate An Earnings Met Your Mother New Girl CSI: Crime Scene Analysis Fringe Fall TV Preview

Thursday, September 22, 2011

'Monsieur Lazhar' to open Abu Dhabi

LONDON -- The fifth edition of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival is set to open with Philippe Falardeau's "Monsieur Lazhar," toplining Mohamed Fellag, Emilien Neron and Sophie Nelisse, on Oct. 13. Pic follows the tale of an Algerian immigrant, who is hired to replace an elementary school teacher who tragically died. Additionally, this year's fest will include eight world preems: Abdolreza Kahani's "Absolutely Tame as a Horse," Sam Neave's "Almost in Love," Amr Salama's "Asma'a," Michael Brandt's "The Double," Safinez Bousbia's "El Gusto," Nawaf Al-Janahi's "Sea Shadow," Timothy Greene's "Skeem" and Pedro P. Rosado's "Wilaya." Competitions in this year's edition will offer cash prizes totalling $1 million. Narrative, New Horizons, Documentary, Our World Competition and the Showcase strand will all offer up cash to winners. Venice and Toronto fest pics such as "Albert Nobbs," "Contagion" and "The Ides of March" will screen in the Showcase section, while titles in the Narrative Feature section include "Chicken With Plums," from "Persepolis" duo Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi, David Cronenburg's "A Dangerous Method" and Oren Moverman's "Rampart." The festival runs Oct. 13-22. Contact Diana Lodderhose at

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Maisel talks 'new wave' of bigscreen games

Forget superheroes. The next wave of major movie franchises may come from casual games, starting with ''Angry Wild wild birds.''That was this content shipped by former Marvel Art galleries chairman David Maisel, who's now an effective consultant to ''Angry Birds'' creator Rovio.Maisel, who oversaw the launch of Marvel Studios' movie franchise with ''Iron Guy,'' noted that up to now movie versions of game game titles weren't consistent individuals who win, with 23 films calculating about $35 million domestic box office. ''They've happened by businesses that will decrease your budget and continue to hit only one, instead of the homer you obtain from an 'Avatar' or possibly a hero film.'' With console games, mentioned Maisel, ''the chance of large entertainment franchises wasn't as great.''''With casual gaming, everyone is playing them, In my opinion it's the first time we'll see massive brands being launched of the sport world and superceding what gaming remains.''Rather than changing superheroes this is often a chance to start a brand new wave. Rather than changing superheroes this is often a chance to start a brand new wave.''Maisel mentioned the selling potential of casual games may also be huge. ''It was formerly inside your create a global merchandisable property was using a blockbuster picture or using a really effective global cartoon show. Both people the situation is really pricey and hard to do. Despite a film enable you to get observed don't normally sell much merchandise round the first movie, it's round the follow-up.''But ''Angry Wild wild birds,'' he mentioned, is creating interest unlike anything he ever saw within the movie career. ''It really helps to make the statistics in the (''Angry Birds'') movie harder, because we are in a position to probably sell the product without any movie.''Maisel mentioned he hopes ''Angry Birds'' will illustrate for the movie business the opportunity of ''massive brands coming within the gaming realm.'' ''I think the awareness was already getting away . there this new technology and an opportunity to experience our phones can launch massive brands with techniques that's never been done before.'' Contact David S. Cohen at

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Roland Emmerich Sets Sights On JFK Movie 'Happy Birthday Mr. President'

As someone who knows his way around special effects, director Roland Emmerich could be a great candidate to use the digital aging technology that has been used for special effects in films like "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button," "Watchmen" and "X-Men 3." The subject came up when MTV News caught up with Emmerich at the Toronto Film Festival to talk about his upcoming period thriller, "Anonymous," which employs two sets of actors to play the same roles at different ages. We asked Emmerich if he might be interested in de-aging an actor digitally, or even better/more challenging, bringing one back from the dead, FX re-animator, lost footage style and he revealed he's already at work on a movie that relies heavily on that very technology. "I am. I'm totally into that," Emmerich admitted. "I have one project which actually tries to do that, but I think we're not there yet. I made some tests that didn't turn out very well, so I think we have to wait another five years." And what might the mystery project be? "The title will tell you everything, it's called 'Happy Birthday Mr. President.'" True to his word about the revealing title, Emmerich admitted the future film would revolve around Marilyn Monroe's famous birthday serenade for President John F. Kennedy, and likely the relationship surrounding it. Emmerich said that the film is a long way away from being made, however, at least until the proper aging technology is mastered. "Yes, one day, one day," Emmerich said hopefully. "People are kind of courageous to do something like that." What do you think of Emmerich taking on JFK and Marilyn? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham and 50 Cent Play Russian Roulette in Trailer for '13' (VIDEO)

With U.S. distribution locked down last week, Gela Babluani's '13' now has a brand-new trailer. A remake of Babluani's own '13 Tzameti,' '13' revolves around a group of seriously desperate men who enter an underground, winner-take-all Russian roulette tournament in the hopes of making it out alive -- and being all the richer for it. The film stars Sam Riley, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Michael Shannon, Ray Winstone, Alexander Skarsgard, and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, and -- if the trailer ahead is any indication -- most of them will probably die. Didn't any of these guys watch 'The Deer Hunter?' We're sticking with the penny slots. Look for '13' in theaters on Nov. 8. [via Yahoo! Movies]

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gavin DeGraw Put in the hospital After Attack in New You are able to

Singer Gavin DeGraw was rushed to an alternative You are able to City hospital late Sunday after being attacked, his repetition confirmed towards the Hollywood Reporter. DeGraw, most widely known for his mid-2000s hit "I Don't Desire to be,Inch was come to the er at Bellevue Hospital by ambulance following the attack. His repetition stated DeGraw remains under observation but didn't provide more information concerning the attack or his condition. TMZ, which first reported the incident, stated the singer, who's a brand new You are able to resident, was attacked by multiple attackers. Meanwhile, the brand new You are able to Postcites sources who state that DeGraw have been consuming with several buddies before departing them behind and was attacked sometime between 3:50 a.m. and 4:20 a.m. at sixth Street and first Avenue. His nose was damaged, and that he also experienced cuts on his face consequently from the attack, that the sources don't believe would be a robbery. After, he stored walking and ended up being hit with a taxi, though not seriously, based on the Publish. DeGraw is presently on tour with Maroon 5 and Train, having a show scheduled for Tuesday in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and the other Friday at Johnson Beach Theater. His "I Don't Desire to beInch also can serve as the theme song of 1 Tree Hill.[Discover the shocking truth below.] It's off his 2003 debut album, Chariot. Other singles have incorporated "Chariot," "Follow-through" and "Deeply In Love With a woman.Inch He's set release a his next album, More gratifying, on Sept. 20. Related Subjects

Sunday, August 7, 2011

TCA:Cross-Dressing Comedy 'Work It' Steals The Spotlight At ABC's Executive Session

At the end of ABC's TCA executive panel, president Paul Lee admitted that he had asked a network PR executive beforehand, "Shall I go out in a dress?" That probably would've been appropriate given that ABC's new cross-dressing comedy Work It, which has not even been scheduled yet, emerged as the main attraction at the Q&A session even somewhat overshadowing the official announcement of Desperate Housewives coming to an end. The first mention of the Bosom Buddies-esque multi-camera comedy starring Ben Koldyke and Amaury Nolasco as out-of-work car salesmen who dress as women to get jobs as pharmaceutical reps, came when Lee was asked to discuss the network's new crop of comedies. When he got to Work It, the British-born Lee said, "It was in my contract that I have to do one cross-dressing show a year, I was brought up on Monty Python." Later on he was asked about a trend of many new shows featuring central characters who are orphans that harkens back to Victorian times and Charles Dickens. While admitting that he didn't notice an orphan pattern in picking up series, Lee noted, "We don't sit there and think, 'Work It! That goes all the way back to Shakespeare!'" After all that, appropriately, the last question of the session, attended mainly by TV critics, was about Work It, and the Shakespeare and Monty Python comparisons. "When you pick up pilots, there are many reasons," Lee said. "Sometimes you pick up a pilot just because it absolutely makes you cackle with laughter, and that was the case with Work It. I make absolutely no excuses for that show. We didnt think this room would like it and I dont think we have a problem with that."

Friday, August 5, 2011

Start Looking At Henry Cavill As Superman

The Guy Of Steel Is HereIt will not hit screens until 2013, but this is the first sneak look at Henry Cavill because the Guy Of Steel, in Zack Snyder's new undertake Superman. It's immediately apparent the primary colours from the costume happen to be slightly well developed lower, which this really is one Kryptonian not scared of having his hands dirty. However, many everything doesn't change he's clearly still able to crumpling a bank vault up just like a normal guy crumples undesirable pieces of paper. Guy Of Steel Start LookingThe film also stars Can Be as Lois Lane, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane because the Kent parents, Julia Ormond and Russell Crowe as his Kryptonian parents, Michael Shannon as fellow Kryptonian General Zod and Laurence Fishburne as Perry Whitened, editor from the Daily Planet. Harry Lennix, Antje Traue and Christopher Meloni also star. Christopher Nolan is creating, in addition to getting done the storyline with David S. Goyer, who then authored the script. Don't be surprised to determine the finished piece around or on June 14, 2013 - so expect a stable trickle of news from now for now.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Curiosity: Did God Produce the World?

Created by Darlow Smithson. Senior executive producer (series), Simon Andreae executive producers, Alan Eyres, John Smithson, Ben Bowie, Susan Winslow. 60 MIN."Curiosity" -- an extensive initiative made to tackle an eclectic variety of provocative and puzzling subjects -- certainly lives as much as that billing in the premiere, an adaptation of Stephen Hawking's book "The Grand Design," where the famous physicist concludes God did not produce the world. Very little else about the menu looks determined to match this as "Large Questions" go, but kudos to Discovery for venturing to address what it really precisely dubs "the 3rd rail of academia and theology," at any given time when hostility to science and insufficient intellectual curiosity frequently taints political discourse. Thematically, the "Curiosity" special offers -- to encompass 60 payments over 5 years, within plan created by Discovery founder John Hendricks -- should challenge and enlighten. With science trapped by individuals in opposition to its most bothersome facts, some subjects surely appear more questionable than the others. Just like his 2010 documentary series "In to the World," Hawking provides some narration, giving way up to the more stately sounding actor Benedict Cumberbatch waiting in for him. Clearly conscious the scientist's conclusions will outrage followers in Divine Creation, the funnel plans an hourlong round-table discussion with theologians to follow along with. Hawking is really a master at offerring complex ideas in easily understood terms, and also the producers help illustrate individuals points with elaborate graphics -- from Vikings enduring threatening seas to some tennis match showing the laws and regulations of character. Like a researcher, Hawking concludes, it's totally valid to question "whether we want a God to describe the world whatsoever," proceeding to systematically construct the situation for that Large Bang Theory (and what could create something from nothingness) and natural laws and regulations that do not need a spiritual component. Of course, the premiere is really a tough act to follow along with, intellectually speaking, and little of what's slated for coming days seems equally inspired rather, many game titles are skewed to popular culture or sci-fi -- "Exactly why is Sex Fun?," "Would You Live Forever?" and "Could Computer systems Overtake Humans?" -- and have celebrity hosts. Still, if this involves science on television, anything able to enticing a crowd to consume their veggies appears useful. And even when not every one of this undertaking matches Hawking's large brain, the perfect of utilizing TV to arouse viewers' curiosity surely qualifies being an intelligent design. Contact John Lowry at

Friday, July 29, 2011

Terry Gilliam Has (Mr) Vertigo

Adapting Paul Auster's novelTimbuktu and In The Country of Lost Things are stuck in Development Hell, but author Paul Auster may soon have something to celebrate adaptation-wise. Terry Gilliam has just revealed that he's working on a screenplay of Auster's 1994 novel Mr Vertigo. Speaking at a film festival in Poland, Gilliam revealed that work on the book is underway. This being Gilliam, however, the announcement came with the cheerful caveat that we won't necessarily ever see a complete film: I got a book. It's called Mr Vertigo by Paul Auster. Doesn't mean it will be a film, but I'm working on a script. The novel is stylistically slightly removed from the rest of Auster's work, in that it reads like a sort of magic-realist fable, which obviously kicks it right into Gilliam's field. It's the story of Walt the Wonder Boy, looking back late in life at his youthful fame performing anti gravitational feats (he can levitate) in a travelling show run by the mysterious Master Yehudi. Fame and fortune await, but there are also Depression-era dark times ahead, courtesy of the Mob, the Klan, and Uncle Slim.... Despite his being brilliant, the general oddness of Auster's work means we don't see him adapted much (although Philip Haas' The Music of Chance is really good), and his most famous screen work is still the diptych of Smoke and Blue in the Face, which he co-created with Wayne Wang. It's all been rather quiet on Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote for the last year or so, so fingers crossed Mr Vertigo will be the project that finally gets him back behind a camera. The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus was already too long ago.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight 2011 BluRay By Cool Release

[1] *Take Me Home Tonight 2011 BluRay By Cool Release*
English | 97mins | 1280 x 534 | 23.976fps | H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
1780kbps| MP3 - 296kb/s | 1.50GB
*Genre:* _Comedy | Drama_
*IMDB* [2] It's the late 1980s, when Wall Street is riding high, and
it seems as if the entire country is cashing in on the bumper profits.
Disgusted with the materialism that surrounds him, Matt Franklin, a
brilliant young MIT graduate, has walked out on his well-paid position
at a local lab and taken a low-level job as a video clerk, much to his
father Bill's consternation. And the crises keep piling up in Matt's
life. His best buddy Barry has just gotten fired from his job, his
brainy sister Wendy is getting hitched to her vapid boyfriend Kyle,
and the gorgeous Tori Frederking, long-time object of Matt's
unattainable adoration, is suddenly back in the picture. Now, on one
wild, woolly and irresponsible evening, everything is coming to a
head, with explosive results.


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Scott and Bailey S01E06 PDTV Xvid

*Scott and Bailey S01E06 PDTV Xvid*
Language: English
AVI | EN | 45 mins | Xvid | 640x352 (25fps) | MP3 192 kb/s | 399 MB
_Genres: Crime/Drama_ Last in series of the police drama. As Rachel is
walking home, she is narrowly missed by a car which then smashes into
the side of the road. The next day, she learns that the crash is
linked to the disturbing information she found out about Nicks affair
with a juror. Was Rachel targeted - and could Nick have had something
to do with it? The latest case for the team is that of a teenager shot
dead at home. His best friend witnessed the shooting but it takes all
of Janets skill to get him to open up as he is petrified that he could
be next. Meanwhile, Rachels career hangs in the balance as Gill
discovers just how far she has gone in pursuit of love, and Janet
needs to end her affair once and for all.

What religion is Rosie Huntington-Whitley?

And is she the lets have sex because made a movie woman or the sweet
hold hands kind of girl?

New Kids Turbo - Offizieller Trailer (Deutsch) - Ab 21.4. im Kino!.

New Kids Turbo - Offizieller Trailer (Deutsch) - Ab 21.4. im Kino!.
verreuckter monggoo From:
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People  Blogs [4]


Criminal Minds Season 2 Episode 5 Aftermath part1 205

Criminal Minds Season 2 Episode 5 Aftermath part1 205 [2]
You can watch your favourite TV series Criminal Minds on our blog
free of charge all episodes ep tvshow tv show trailer latest finale
2010 preview part1 free streaming online From:
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Watch Bad Teacher Online Megavideo ?

Looking for a legit site where I can watch bad teacher movie easily ..
I don't want to sign up for any website or do the survey things.

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) Bluray m576p x264 AC3 - kHAn

*Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) Bluray m576p x264 AC3 - kHAn*
Matroska | 1.598 GiB | 1008x544 | AVC @ 1 524 Kbps | English | AC3 @
384 Kbps - 6 channels | 1h 59mn
_Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy_ In this continuation to the
adventure of the demon superhero, an evil elf breaks an ancient pact
between humans and creatures, as he declares war against humanity. He
is on a mission to release The Golden Army, a deadly group of fighting
machines that can destroy the human race. As Hell on Earth is ready to
erupt, Hellboy and his crew set out to defeat the evil prince before
The Golden Army can destroy humanity s existence.


Mankatha Trailer [Mangatha Trailer]=?UTF-8?B?4oCs4oCP?=

Mankatha Trailer [Mangatha Trailer],‏ [2]
This is Ajith's Roocking Official trailer hope you guys all enjoy it
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songs about the guy you like?

I just met this guy and he caught my eye and my heart is all up on him
xD i just need songs (female artist) about how they feel about the guy
or anything related to that. (recent songs not old songs from old
people from the past...well known good artist)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

American Ninja(1985)

American Ninja(1985) [2]
"The deadliest art of the Orient is now in the hands of an American."
The trailer for one of the best action films of the 80's, American
Ninja(1985) aka American Warrior, Starring Michael Dudikoff, Steve
James, Judie Aronson, Guich Koock, John Fujioka, Don Stewart, John
LaMotta, and Tadashi Yamashita. Directed by Sam Firstenberg. From:
OcpCommunications [3] Views:
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Favorite movie cyborgs?

I Saw The Devil Trailer

I Saw The Devil Trailer [2]
I Saw The Devil Trailer From:
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